LG has unveiled their IPS7 monitors, namely the 23 and 27-inch models that designed to offers a 1.2mm thick bezel Cinema Screen with half-inch depth and 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. These new IPS7 range monitors are aimed for mobile, HD and professional users.


On the same time, we also spotted the new All-in-one desktop pc from LG that has model number V720, that comes with a 27-inch monitor, IPS HD panels that supports 3D viewing. At the core, the high end version of the new all-in-one desktop pc is powered by Intel’s third generation Core i5 processor, Intel Ivy Bridge processor, mobile hd link, fast response time and color calibration software.


Of course LG also offers lower-end model that comes with second generation of intel Core i3 processor, NVIDIA GT640M with dedicated 1GB graphics, 750GB SATA3 hybrid or standard drives, 8GB DDR3 RAM and USB3.0 ports.

Base on the photos posted over Flickr, LG’s V720 all-in-one desktop pc comes in white and silver casing color, hence, no further info regarding availability for U.S market, as LG seems to keeps these new all-in-one PCs exclusively for Asian market at the moment.

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