One interesting kitchen gadget concept unveiled by designers over Gorenje is the IQook, a smart kitchen device concept that consists of cooktop and magnetic sensor. Promoting the idea of simplicity, the simple life, Gorenje is trying to present gadgets that could benefit users’ daily life for easier and more convenience living.

Taking the complexity out of the equation, Gorenje’s IQook is one neat concept that modern stove manufacturers might want to keep their eyes on.


Gorenje’s IQook smart kitchen gadget is meant to allow users or those in charge for kitchen works with convenience, with capability to leave the cooking for stewing, boiling, stem frying, slow cooking or even grilling while the cook or chef could do other things inside or outside the kitchen area without worrying much about boiling or over boiling or potential stove explosion due to forgetfulness of the cooking inside the kitchen.

At the core, the idea is to integrate smart digital sensor to kitchen hardware to help monitoring the condition of dishes being cooked. There are 5 cooking presets available, including IQboil, IQpro, IQsteam, IQfry and IQgrill features.

The magnetic sensor has the ‘SmartSense’ technology, which is capable to communicate with the induction stove ‘wirelessly’, and the of course the smart induction stove is designed to have Wi-Fi capability to receive command from the SmartSense’s sensor.

IQook-slow-cooking-delightful (2)

IQook is built for fully automatic cooking control, full safety from boiling over and burning, as well as to fully preserve nutrients, vitamins and proteins on the dishes being cooked.


Besides, IQook’s stove is claimed to consume 40 percent less electricity compare to other electric stove in the market.

Despite the arguments that the IQcook is smart and safe to be leaved out without monitoring from a chef or the one dealing with the cooking, we afraid that it is still way too early to say that wireless technology similar to IQcook’s SmartSense is completely secure, since anything operated and commanded through Wi-Fi has operating frequencies that is likely to be ‘hacked-able’.

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Anyway, you could read more about the five features of IQook from the press release, right here!

Unfortunately, we can’t find any quote of pricing and availability yet. Hopefully Gorenje will soon find electric stove manufacturers that interested to produce the IQook WiFi stove in a mass scale.

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