IRIS, same title for the South Korea’s action drama where Kim Tae Hee plays the role as the double-faces secret agent. However, following IRIS futuristic device concept has nothing to do with the action drama, but more like a futuristic shape shifting gadget concept for secret agents.


IRIS is a project by Asus that stands for Inspirational Research for Immersive Space, a concept about how next generation of personal computing device should take shape that was showcased at CeBit tech fair in Hannover, Germany.

IRIS, as the long name implies, is a device that will have multi-functionary features and capabilities, from alarm clock, wrist watch, cell phone, e-reader, tablet, camera, color and pattern scanner or even a gaming device.

Let’s roll following video to see how IRIS would benefit users in real social life, entertainment and working atmosphere…

In near future, you could expect to see more Xperia Play with bunch of other capabilities and features going to flood the market. Fascinating feature is the flexible frame that could be expanded and contracted to suit the needs of the users at the particular moment. Whether you love to make it widescreen style for a tablet, a portrait mode for cellphone, or a square shape for wristwatch and so on.


Furthermore, Asus is planning to give this futuristic mobile computer concept a built-in projector that could provide psychedelic feel of a Jimi Hendrix concert?! Anyway, hologram or 3D version of projector technology should be ready by the next two years!

Asus believes the projector could create dynamic sleep environments with ambient lighting and interactive alarms such as 3D birds projected above that will sing beautifully in the morning for your waking up alarm and no mention if user could use the projection to play PS Move type of game? That would be awesome!

Most importantly, get it affordable to every pockets, don’t you agree?

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