iRobot has announced its latest spy robot dubbed 110 FirstLook suitable for surveillance and scouting. The 110 FirstLook robot comes with 10 x 9 x 4-inches (LxWxH) dimension, and it has four cameras that allow operator to see pictures in all directions within one screen. Built with rugged features, 110 FirstLook robot will survive a drop from 15 foot high onto a solid, hard surface including concrete and even better, it could be completely submerged under water.


Other interesting features including claiming stairs, IR illuminators for night time vision, the digital mesh networking that will allow two way radio communication over great distances, 3.4 miles per hour moving speed, thermal imagers, sensors, more than 6 hours of battery power on standard usage or up to 10 hours of stationary video monitoring and the capability to carry destructive payloads that can weigh up to half a pound of explosive device.


The bundle come with a wrist-mounted touchscreen that could control the 110 FirstLook robot, and it is suitable for military usage on dangerous field without sacrificing unnecessary soldiers during the hide and seek battle.


No wording on pricing and availability, for more technical  information regarding iRobot’s 110 FirstLook, you could click here!

[ Source: Walyou ; iRobot ]