Is you ever wonder is there any Bluetooth mouse? The answer is surely Yes! The problem with Bluetooth connection, as though the bluetooth cell phones, we presume is the potentiality of getting virus transfer in the public area.

But what if you are using it for a home PC? Well, that would be a different story, or at least, a good neighbourhood, won’t infect your PC with a virus from Bluetooth! EKtouch has come up with iS Touch mouse, a Bluetooth mouse that was seen at CeBIT 2010 exhibition. iS Touch has a dimension of 99.20 (L) x 58.50 (W) x 31.30(H) mm and weighing only a mere 25g.


The iS Touch Mouse will connect via your PC’s or laptop’s Bluetooth device and it will automatically detect any touch and slide operations. You could also use it as an alternative to a remote control for a media player.

iS Touch Mouse has a build-in rechargeable 960mA Li-Ion battery and it could be used up to 48 hours with standby time reaching 7 days. For recharging, you will need to recharge it up to 4 hours. No info if the rechargeable battery capacities will be degraded over time.

A drawback, however, iS Touch Mouse is not suitable for gaming purpose, since the laser sensor offer a low 800 resolution only.

More info from EKtouch official site here.

No info on availability and pricing yet.