The era of 2D has changed, no need for a trip to movie theatre to watch a movie, as iTVGoggles will create a good sense of private movie theatre when you wear it on your eyes.

iTVGogglesiTVGoggles has two small LCD screens that is capable of manifesting a huge screen in front of your eyes, and with the earphones, it will create the hallucination as if you are alone in a small movie theatre.

You could connect the iTVGoggles to your iPod/iPod Video, DVD players, VHS players, DVR recorders, Tivo or your gaming consoles. But no info how long is the cable provided, or when will this kind of device transformed into a wireless device also? That would be excellent!

The projected image will give you a sense of 50-inch or 80-inch big display in front of your eyes.

Price: USD310.-