iWallet is meant to provide dual secure protection to your ‘on hand’ cash or ATM/Debit/Credit cards. iWallet is designed with bluetooth connection to your cell phone and will notify user if your iWallet is seperated by 10-15 feet away from your cellphone.

iWallet-bluetooth-enabled-secure-wallet Additionally, you will find a fingerprint digital lock feature that will double cross check user identity for extra security before you could access any cash or credit information inside the wallet. This way, iWallet will prevent any pick pocket to easily access your wallet, as it’ll start to make loud alarm sound to notify anybody nearby that an unauthorized person is accessing someone else’s wallet.

There are several model of iWallet, using different raw material for the wallet, including polycarbonate, fiber glass or carbon fiber.


  • iWallet (Polycarbonate) = USD300.-
  • iWallet (Fiber Glass) = USD400.-
  • iWallet (Carbon Fiber) = USD600.-

[ Source: TechChee ; Dvice ; iWallet ]