Taking your ride up to the sky? Now you have a cheaper opinion that could be done in an awesomely way using a jetpack. JetLev R200 is the type of water jetpack that capable to lift the user up to the sky with the help of a companion boat through a 33ft long hose.

Definitely not the kind of Martin’s jetpack you have in the mind. The Jetlev R200 is a tethered jetpack, which shoots water out its nozzles as its propulsion system. Being tied to a companion boat through a 33ft long hose, all the heavy lifting work of pumping the water is done mainly from the connected boat, the pack itself is light weight and is maneuverable.


Let’s watch the cool intro-trailer…

Awesome! With up to 25mph of top speed and 26 gallons of fuel on board, you could play around with the JetLev R200 jetpack up to 3 hours long. But, would you spend $99,500 to get one for your own?


Jetlev Water Jetpack – How It Works from Jetlev Videos on Vimeo.

The good news is, you could rent a JetLev R200 for a couple of hours for about USD250, some blogs have reported that they are available for rent in places like Lake Arizona, Florida, Havasu, Hawaii, Nevada in the US, and also available at some selected cities in Germany and Singapore.


For the sport package painted with expoxy gel coat, JetLev R200 is available in portal white, deep black and fire red. Meanwhile, for those seeking premium package with marine grade paint with additional USD3,500, you could get more color options of slate grey, viper blue, silver effect, carbon black, gold coin and dark toreador red color options.

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