A solar charger company, Joos Orange, claims to offer a 20 times solar chargers capacity available on the market currently. Joos Orange solar charger comes with a 5-inch mono-crystalline solar cell and a replaceable 3.7-volt, 5,400mAh lithium-ion polymer battery within.


You would be able to recharge a standard cell-phone up to 2.5 hours of talk time after an hour of solar charging time. On its full battery condition, Joos Orange could store power capable to recharge up to a quartet of smartphones to their maximum level. The add-on is enclosed in a non-yellowing urethane, making the Joos Orange solar charger waterproof and submersible.

If power is needed before the solar cells have had time to charge, a USB connection provides an alternate mode of charging the battery. Expect this Joos Orange solar charger to be shipped in June this year.

Price: USD100.-