By far, this is the most realistic skin rendering for a computer generated image! Jorge Jimenez, a graphics researcher has finally solve the rendering puzzles for delivering a real-time ultra realistic skin using consumer-level computer and graphics hardware, in real-time.

This real-time ultra realistic skin rendering is possible by carrying out a sophisticated process called separable subsurface scattering (SSS), which capable to rapidly renders properties of skin and its effect under the lighting effect in two post-process passes.


Programmed wholly using DirectX 10, these amazing codes is a proud result of Jorge Jimenez, after hours or tireless research, desperation, excitement, happiness, sadness and extreme dedication.

Jimenez has finally released downloadable executable demo files and an HD video of the SSS effect for running on a home computer with superb graphical unit as well as making the source code available on GitHub.

The DirectX 10’s codes is meant for running on consumer level hardware, that take no more than an ordinary desktop computer to run the software.

Separable Subsurface Scattering (Real Time) from Jorge Jimenez on Vimeo.

On the testing of Jimenez’ GeForce GTX 580 base computer, which cost about USD470 at Amazon for the graphics card. Jorge was able to run the realistic skin demo video at 112.5 fps (frames per second), and ranging between 80 and 160 fps.


Images & Video Credits: Jorge Jimenez

Nevertheless, it might still too early to about bogus experience playing Elder Scrolls sequel, Call of Duty or Mass Effect, as the demo only consists of head, shoulders single rendering, which at this point can’t promise much for games with heavy loaded graphics.

However, this will become a stepping stone for graphics researchers owing to impressive graphics rendering codes by Jimenez, that will certainly takes viewers’ visual enjoyment to the next level.

[ Source: Gizmag ; Jorge Jimenez ]