If you are bored with the conventional golf game, you should take a look at Kangarila. This is a new way of having fun with golf using a colorful spherical dice golf balls unveiled early this month at the London Golf Show.


Kangarila will provides additional level of frustration to players, a fun kind of way you should never had with conventional golf game. The spherical dice will dictate which club to use on your next shot, with a few bonus rules thrown in. Described as “Kangarila let the balls decide”.

And if you are looking for organised competitions to follow, Kangarila site’s will provide you about the details, simply purchase Kangarila balls, read the rules and play with your friends.

Along with the fun element of playing, the game can also improve a golfers game by forcing them to use unconventional clubs for different shots. Check out Kangarila for merchandise, events and the rule book.

Thanks Dave!

Price: GBP29.99

[ Source: Kangarila ]