Karma’s hotspot device has arrived to offer new style of unique open Wi-Fi 4G network service. Surprisingly enough, Karma’s 4G data packages are designed to reward its users who share access to their data plan with strangers.

Powered by Clearwire’s network, Karma hotspot is currently exists in over 80 cities in US. This ‘social telecom’ service will get the Karma hotspot owner a corresponding sum of data once a stranger logged into the hotspot. Each stranger will get up to 100mb of free data usage, if 10 strangers logged into your Karma 4G hotspot, you will get 1GB of free 4G data credited to your data plan, isn’t that cool?

Karma 4G Hotspot device

For kick starting, you could purchase the USD70 Karma hotspot service to fire up the open Wi-Fi network. No word when Karma is going to bring this type of open Wi-Fi 4G hotspot network to overseas yet, but this should be an exciting social hotspot that increase owners’ data plan size simply by sharing it with strangers.

The more you share, the more you get, that’s one interesting idea for modern hotspot device. If this type of hotspot service exists around the globe, both advertisers and hotspot device owners will mutually benefited for good reason, don’t they?

If you are living in U.S, you could checkout more info from Karma website.

[ Source: Verge ; Karma ]