Double U is a bluetooth phone watch released by Kempler & Strauss in USA. Kempler claims this is the world’s smallest watch with integrated phone, bluetooth, camera, video recorder, games and stereo MP3 player.

Let’s roll the high definition video below for more info about this specific Double U phonewatch gadget…


Resembling LG GD910 phonewatch, only in a smaller size. Besides, Kempler’s Double U phone-watch also compatible for the quad-band GSM frequencies, it also has 4GB on board storage, bluetooth ‘Communicator’ headset, a touchscreen display and a microSD card slot for media storage.

For those living in United States, you could plug in your AT&T or T-Mobile SIM for voice call.

Price: USD199.-

[ Source: Gizmodo ; Aving ; Kempler & Strauss ]