You might have gained a bit of understanding about Economists’ prediction that Eurogeddon will soon hit EU countries from recent TV News or online media. Nevertheless, Amazon seems pretty confidence about EURO’s strength in the market and has recently brought their latest affordable version of Kindle 4 into Italy and Spain.

The pocket size Kindle 4 comes with a 6-inches e-ink display capable to offer 800×600 resolution and a 2GB internal memory that boast enough for holding more than one thousand ebooks.


Amazon Kindle 4 will come with WiFi and a long, one month battery life after a full recharge. There is also a five-way control button that allow users to navigate the ebook reader. In short, Kindle 4 is the brief version of Kindle 3 without the visible keyboard at the bottom part, but instead, Amazon decided to use touch capacitive screen for the virtual keyboard that will pop pup if you press the keyboard button at the second left at the lower part of the front panel.


All-in-all, Kindle 4 is about 30 percent lighter than the Kindle 3, smaller body owing to the 6-inch screen size that should fit nicely on your rear jeans’ pocket.


The latest E-Ink technology will allow you to read the ebook similar to read a paper printed publications, and the WiFi will get you connected to any relevant wireless network in approximately 1 minute time frame.

You could read from over 800,000 titles available at less than USD9.99, alternatively, you could also borrow Kindle book from your local public libray, if applicable.

Price: EUR99.- [ About USD133.- ]

[ Source: Amazon Kindle 4 ]