Buying lamps for your interior exterior decoration? If you feel that the standard lamps do not meet your taste, take a look at Allison’s Kindle Heater Colored LED Lights that comes in seven different glowing colors.


Made of 100 percent recyclable composite materials that resistant to impact, dent, and scratches, the materials also offer UV protection, chemical proof, and ease of maintenance for years of good looks. Allison claims all Kindle Living’s components are handmade and assembled in Southern California, and will provide radiating warmth that is softer and pleasant heat using the shade that directs the heat downward, using a chimney-like effect to send warmth surrounding the lights.


Typically looks more like an ordinary desk lamp, but taking the 254cm height, Allison Kindle Heater is infact a typo of street lights that offers soft warmth and glow during the winter season or rainy season.


Allison also incorporate rechargeable battery that will supply power for the heating element as well as the color changing lights, in the summer nights, simply deactivate the heating and go for the color changing lights. Heater and lighting in one place? Why not?

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