Hopefully, by early next year, we will be able to get HDTV with integrated Kinect motion-sensing technology. As reported by The Daily, Microsoft is now considering to give out the motion sensing license to TV manufacturers, and Microsoft is rumored discussing the licensing idea with Vizio and Sony.

Once integrated into HDTV, gamers will likely enjoy an affordable gaming experience without having to spend extra bucks for the motion sensing device, additionally, those HDTVs with built-in Kinect motion sensing technology will allow users to enjoy webcam as well as video calling feature using Skype or other messaging device.


Predictably, Facebook will transform into ‘Facelook’ and Twitter into ‘Twitlook’ ;), where users will likely able to make direct video interaction with their social networked friends, in real-time manner.

Analyzing Microsoft’s marketing attempts to penetrate the motion sensing technology into as many homes as possible, do you think Microsoft has been preparing something ‘big’ that will show up the next two to three years time?


With the fast pace of internet speed growing and more efficient of energy for most electronic devices including LED HDTVs and Monitors, the likelihood is that future internet online gaming with real-time motion sensing will pose a bright-bright outlook, don’t you agree?

By that time, people will hate playing alone using the conventional black box on their desktop, instead, people will be encouraged to play online, together with friends that comes across the globe. Online multi-cultures interactivity is something predictable that shall happen in near future.


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[ Source: ZDNet ]