Upcoming tablet that claimed as the first of its kind and will be released by end of this year is the Kno single-screen tablet textbook. And if you have read about the Kno’s dual screen tablet back in early of June this year, you might have known that it has a pretty much Microsoft Courier’s concept that was canceled for release.

Kno-single-screen-tablet-right-angle-viewThe Kno single screen tablet textbook will come with a pen stylus that provide smooth and effortless natural writing, similar to conventional textbook writing, only this time, you will be able to convert and record your writing into digital format.


Kno-single-screen-tablet-frontThe Kno single screen tablet textbook will come in 14.1-inch capacitive IPS display is capable to deliver up to 1440×900 resolution.

Kno’s CEO, Osman Rashid told the media, “Even though the Kno pays for itself in 13 months, the smaller upfront investment of the single screen version will allow more students to use our learning platform. That said, we still don’t know the price of either product.”

[ Source: 2DayBlog ; Engadget ; Kno ]