Two new mini helicopters concept designed by Swiss UAV is dubbed KOAX X-240. The Swiss UAV’s KOAX X-240 and NEO S-300 are actually unmanned helicopters or robot helicopters designed for hard to reach surveillance areas.


KOAX X-240 has a dimension of 165x50x95 (LxWxH), weighing 45kg with the rotor diameter 2.4 meters wide. KOAX X-240 is designed with a koaxial rotor system that will allow the mini helicopter obtain the capabilities of full helicopter in a minimal physical footprint.


Created with carbon composite construction and multiple openings for easy maintenance and exchange of its modular mechanical and electrical components. KOAX X-240 has a smaller dimension and lighter weight compares to the NEO S-300, easier for handling and will fit in most larger automotive trunks.


NEO S-300, on the other hand, has a dimension of 275x95x86 (L x W x H), weighing 75 kg and the rotor has a diameter of 3 meters wide. NEO S-300’s unmanned helicopter design is taking the dolphin’s streamlined fusiform body.


The nose has a payload area capable of carrying any of various electronics like camera, laser, or radar systems. Like the KOAX, the NEO has several removable lids offering easy access to the modular guts. Outer shell made of carbon composite for durability.

No info on pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: UberGizmo ; Yanko Design ; Swiss UAV ]