Made in Germany, following fully operational external combustion Stirling engine is one cool Kraftwagen toy car that comes with machine-tooled stainless steel, aluminum and solid brass. The Kraftwagen utilizes thermodynamic principle of a regenerative heat engine, imitating the first Stirling engine introduced by Robert Stirling back in 1818.

The regenerative heat engine itself is running using the power by the expansion and compression of air, there is an alcohol burner chamber in the rear that heats a cylinder, while at the core the engine uses the heated and cooled air to run the pistons into motion and move the rocker arm, connecting rod, cam and crankshaft, which spin four flywheels to drive its two 3 1/2″ diameter rubber-bound wheels up to 2,000 rpm of speed.


Meanwhile, the front third wheel is capable for 360 degree manual turn, allowing the Kraftwagen to perform autonomous circling around by itself. The dimension of this Kraftwagen with External Combustion design is about 6 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 5 1/2-inches (L x W x H), weighing 2 3/4 lbs without packing.

No worry about carbon monoxide production, since this Kraftwagen uses ethyl alcohol as the main fuel that produces non-toxic exhaust from a the full burner process to operate the engine up to 20 minutes.

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