A soundless speaker? It might be a bit strange when we first time read about the product, but thanks to our valued reader, L8 SmartLight come to our attention after checking our inbox the last two days. It is an intuitive gadget that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and emits light in corresponding to the incoming emails, messages from social networking or the mobile phone.

A simple example is a box will come up with an ‘F’ symbol to represent incoming facebook message on your logged-in facebook account. L8 SmartLight will display color of the LED lights to your setting, as well as the tone and intensity at the background. The distinctive feature is on the communication to the user without sound, and similar to a digital alarm clock, it will alert users about time but using a symbol on the display, should be useful for hearing impaired users.

It would be nice if there is an improvement of wearable wrist ban that could gives out vibration to alert those hearing impaired users, don’t they, but we can’t find it anywhere on the maker’s website yet. For connecting the L8 SmartLight to your computer, you will need to first download the application from the Android market prior connecting to the Bluetooth.


Moreover is also made to be portable and easy to carry around, but we can’t find the dimension detail as yet.

The programmers have left the SDK code open for anyone to develop and create new applications, accessories and features. By doing this they are encouraging product innovations.

Thanks Carlos!

[ Source: L8 SmartLight ]