Another futuristic vehicle concept for future world with predictable global warming tendency.

This vehicle has been designed to fit all terrain and equipped with a collection of hidden gadgets and abilities to interchange pods located on the rear side. There are variety of Pods that can be enclosed with the vehicle before it is sent to a particular location.


These pods have been designed considering scouting missions, food and water transportation to a disaster affected area, medical pods that can treat 2 patients simultaneously, excavation pods that can work as a robust crane to remove large pieces of wreckage, and fire rescue pod where the tank can hold 750 gallons of water and can drain water from lakes with outboard pumps.


Its hydraulic legs at four points will provide driver with great flexibility to move over difficult terrain, such as mud, loose dirt, or snow, and the grapple gun or hook on the wheel surface will increase the grip to the surface on towing standard vehicle. Once the Landstorm reaches the destination, the team will start rescuing and treating the survivors for emergency injuries.


It will also be equipped with the HUD technology and built in MultiSight Camera (Infra Red, Night Vision and Cold Vision) powered with an advanced Computer AI.


User control the vehicle using his/her neural patterns, which means, the vehicle is mind controlled. The rest of the cabin remains free for storage compartments for various equipments. There is a small backup unit that will start working if the main power source fails for any reason.


[ Source : Tuvie ]

[ Design Credit : Peter Spriggs ]