Sometimes, you might need to place your laptop on a location where there’s no desk or table available, or where you need flexibility of a desk or table to suit your convenience.

The Easy Desk Cool 2 provide you with all convenience and versatile a laptop should have, they aren’t far from perfect, especially in the ergonomic department. Stiff necks, sore shoulders and back pain symptoms are often the negative side effects associated with prolonged laptop usage.


With this Easy Desk Cool 2 laptop desk with articulating fans should be what you need to get rid of those health issues.


You could consider this as an ergonomic desk, which comes with three joints twist-able and folding legs you can adjust easily with touch of button on both side.

Viewing angle could be adjusted according to the angle you desire to fit to your sitting or lying down position.




When not in use, you could fold the legs together, and store it anywhere. A pair of built-in USB fans at the sitting of the aluminum desktop surface will seamlessly work together in active and passive cooling method respectively to dissipate heat better from your notebook or laptop.

Price: $92.

[ Source: EverythingUSB ; Raremonoshop ]