Laser Guided Scissors: Straight Line Cutting Made Easy!

by Edward Xu

in laser gadgets

For moms that lack of experience for hair cutting or cutting in a straight line, here is a wonderful Laser Guided Scissors that help you to make some straight cuts. Powered by 2 LR44 button cell batteries included along with the purchase, this Laser Guided Scissors is designed with built-in laser that helps you to get straight cuts in paper, fabric, or even for hair cutting.

There is a push button for turning on/off the red laser line, the length of the Laser Guided Scissors are 8.25, while the blade itself is 3.5-inches.


Whether you are working on a home or office project, craftworking, assembly, scrapbooking or photos or gift wrapping, this Laser Guided Scissors is neat addition for your cutting instruments.


Laser Guided Scissors is available right here!

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