Admitted or not, everyone of us has become a movie director in this ‘real’ world we call ‘life’.  Believe it or not, you have been directing and narrating your own ‘life’ movie for as long as you know this world.

It could be in the form of angry, feeling in love, happy, getting frustrated, lonely, being naive, feeling depressed and so much more emotions occurring in your each and every single moment in your ‘life’.

And realize it or not, we have been directing our own movie ever since we were born into this wonderful planet called ‘Earth’.


And for those fond of living the movie director’s dream or if you happen to be one in this ‘real’ life, following movie slate LED Clapperboard gadget might be of your interest.

On the above line, the movie slate LED Clapperboard will show LED clock that shows hour, minute, second and mili-second. And at below of the LED clock line, you will see current date.

The LED Clapper Movie Slate is built using metal and plastic material, it needs a power source of DV 9V, it has a dimension of 22cmx19cmx2.5cm, weighing 1,214g.

Wholesale Price: USD49.99 [ get it here ]