Looks more like a color shower faucet, the LED Pain Reliever is a health gadget developed using NASA technology that was used to heal astronauts’ tendons or muscles injuries while in the outer space.

led-pain-reliever This LED Pain Reliever is a physiotherapy device that helps to relieve swelling in joints and capable to stimulate blood circulation by relaxing the tight muscles and tendon from stiffness and pain.

LED Pain Reliever technology is also proven to have the capability to reduced deep skin tissue inflammation by up to 37 per cent. Simply turn the device on and let the magical LED lights slowly shine away the pain and aches on your muscles or tendons.

Probably, one of a few bed side gadgets best suit elderly, senior citizens or athletes who have rheumatics or aches on their muscles or tendons need to be taken care of.

Price: USD159.95

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ]