Scientists from Heinrich Hertz Institute have unveiled their revolutionary LEDs that capable to transmit data up to 2Mbps speed. The new LEDs are in fact the next generation of data transmitting blue LED made by clever Chinese scientists last year.

Folks at Heinrich Hertz Institute has taken the light bulb Wi-Fi technology further by making combination of white, green, blue and red. The good news is, these LED color combination allow to push the Wi-Fi data transmission up to 800Mbps of speed!


No info about pricing and immediate commercialization yet, but don’t expect these LEDs Wi-Fi will be able to replace your exisiting WiFi router or standard Cat 5 anytime soon. It would be great idea to use these LEDs Wi-Fi on public places including hospitals, airport, food court and shopping malls.

Hopefully these LEDs WiFi are capable to do HD video streaming, wireless printing as well as bridging data to other mobile electronics devices including smartphones, tablets and pda.

[ Source: Heinrich Hertz Institute ]