Level 10 computer casing has a solid rocky outlook. Geeks would amaze by its functionality and large stylish blacky BMW design. An ideal home server for Geek’s home sweet home. The Level 10’s case is larger than the ordinary computer case, taking dimension in inches of 12.6 (w) x 24.5 (d) x 26.3 (h). The case itself is built up of heavy duty aluminum and premium water cooling.





And the beauty does not stop there. The BMW design has literally takes away the case and gives each component a sort of box. And there is a solid wall for functioning as the central pillar on which all the component bays hang-on to.

There is two cons however, you’ll need a longer cables for each component or hardware you are planning install on the case and prepare an extra energy to lift the 50pounds empty case.

There are 6 hard drive bays available on this Level 10 BMW Designed Casing. The finished product looks almost exactly like the concept we saw in March.

Price: USD850.-