The idea of automatic refrigerator is somehow fresh and new for some developing countries in the world,and as introduced by LG US, the LG LMX28987ST refrigerator has the automatic freezer drawers opening capability. This is why being described as LG’s magic.


Will this auto-open-close technology driving people to become more lazy or get more energy efficiency than before? Nevertheless, the HUGE water- and ice-dispenser offered is very impressive.

The water and ice dispenser can accomodate a full water pitcher to fill up with filtered, ice cold aqua, while the 4 doors design is ideal for home cooks or housewives who always stock up vegetables and meats from the farmer’s market…


You could watch the kids in the video over the Engadget that showing the fridge’s unique feature in action.

Kids could accidentally get their fingers caught in the conventional freezer’s drawer, just in case you’re on the fence to buy a new freezer or whether you need yet one more option of to let the freezer open the drawer by itself!

However this sort of Auto-stuff Kitchen technology doesn’t come in cheap, it retails for USD 3499.-

Check out the more affordable version from LG, right here!

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[ Source: Unplggd ; Engadget ;  LGE US ]