FX166 is a new micro Hi-Fi as well as 3D Blu-ray combo device unveiled by LG for Japan market. Designed with remote control, LG FX166 micro Hi-Fi and 3D Blu-ray player also offers various other features including digital alarm clock, timer, sleep function, FM radio, and supports DLNA as well as video playback for DVD and Blu-ray discs.


The dimension of LG FX166 is 135x285x280.5mm (WxHxD), weighing 3,8 kg. LG FX166 requires 100Watt to run through a 240V wall power outlet, on standby mode, FL GX166 requires a mere 1Watt. Furthermore, you could also enjoy your favourite tunes from your iPod touch and iPhones on LG FX166.

LG FX166 is planned to hit Japan’s retail shelves later this week, it is priced at EUR409.91 over Amazon.de, for more Hi-Fi system comparisons, you could click here.

[ Source: LG FX166 ]