LG has unveiled their latest Android 4.0 smartphone called LG Optimus LTE2. Equipped with big screen, powered by a Quad Core processor and True HD IPS display, LG Optimus LTE2 is scheduled for released in South Korea sometime mid May at unknown pricing yet.

Other mentioned features including 2GB of RAM, WPC-backed wireless charging and a 2,150mAh Battery that claims to offer 40 percent more battery life than previous generation of Optimus smartphones.


LG Optimus LTE2 is designed with support for wireless charging, as shown on above photo, however, proper placement of the LG Optimus LTE2 on top of the wireless charging pad is necessary to ensure proper charging process.


LG Optimus LTE2 could be charged wireless on any wireless charging pad manufactured in compliance of wireless charging standard set by Association of Wireless Charging (WPC), without having to buy specific wireless charging pad from a specific manufacturer.

LG Fans living outside South Korea, you might need to be a bit more patient, prior release in your country.

[ Source: Akihabara News ; LG News Room ]