H1N1 and H1N5, you probably heard and read a bunch of news and articles about those two dangerous virus previously. Viruses are sometime hard to handle, especially concerning the air-borne, micro size, not visible to human eyes, etc.

Is there a good way preventing unwanted, harmful viruses from getting into your house and infect your precious sweatheart or other family members?

South Korea’s LG Electronics is going to release the household version of Virus Pro device that is equipped with Nano Plasma Ion technology, that will generate large amounts of high-voltage minus (-) and plus (+) ion in order to destroy the protein structure existed on viruses, bacteria, fungi and other hazardous airborne substances.


LG Electronics’ Virus Pro Nano Plasma Ion device is claimed having the capability to remove and safeguard your home up to 99 percent from several air-borne bacteria and virus, including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and more than 99% pyeryeomgyun and hongkongdokgamgyun.


Kim, Jeong of South Korea LG Electronics marketing manager HA “‘Virus Pro as a full-blown dust is difficult to readily open the window and ventilation days perfect product,” said “LG Electronics Gulf advanced technology, our customers will provide health grabs a comfortable indoor environment.” He said .


Besides, LG’s NPI ionizer also capable to cure headaches due to lack of ozone, removing cigarette odor as well as clear up your room from any unpleasant odors. The LG Virus Pro Nano Plasma Ion filtration system requires only 1.9 watts to operate and less than KRW700 cost for your monthly electricity bill, and works for up to 10 square meter of spaces.

Price: KRW159,000

[ Source: AkihabaraNews ; Flickr ; LGE ]