Special award was crowned to the ‘lifebook frame series’ concept by Florian Langer and Patrick Decker from Germany for their idea on Fujitsu future computing product.


The concept was one of the seven entries that received the judge’s special award hand picked from over 3000 participants’ designs that participate in the competition held by Designboom and Japan’s Design Association.


The Lifebook Frame Series concept over minimalist, clean and multifunctional as well as detachable standalone features for each of the component that build up the Frame Series. In the standalone units, you will get a smart phone, slate terminals and wireless keyboard. Under the hood, you will see the idea to incorporate battery, HDD and optical DVD drive.


Taking off all the components, you will find a clear structured frame-based layout that offers transparency over the technical components. Providing ease of maintenance as well as high mobility for all the components for on-the-go demand.