Following gadget has nothing to relate to Audi’s A3 e-Tron concept, but the shape is adopting the Spin Master’s Tron 2 Legacy Lightcycle shown back in January last year.

Following is the TRON LightCycle built by Parker Brothers base on 2010’s Tron Legacy movie, powered by all-eletric engine, but the one being sold over Hammacher Schlemmer is powered by Suzuki’s 4-stroke engine for USD55,000.

Let’s watch the Parker Brothers’ All-Electric TRON Legacy Lightcycle in action:

A vehicle for super hero? Practically, you would never find a room for a pillion passenger on the Lightcycle, but the fully-electric version of the neon-packing two-wheeler look awesome in action. Expect for a more quiet engine noise during operation, while Parker Brothers quotes that the top speed exceeding 100mph for a range of 100 miles or a single charge with 35 minute recharge times.




The Lightcycle has undergone extensive body reworking, a 96 volt electric motoro and lithium ion battery pack. No info about pricing for the all-electric version of the LightCycle, but the Suzuki 4-stroke model has been sold at Hammacher Schlemmer, check out right here!

You might not turn into the Tron super hero over the night riding the Lightcycle, but you will definitely impress those ladies!

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