Arguments from authoritative bodies in developing countries, confirming electricity bills around will soon increase significantly once fossil fuel is lagging in the market has somehow, carry more money politics tendency rather than a good will for initiating ‘real’ solution to solve the energy crisis problem faced by the country’s residents.

There is a ‘huge’ reason for those authoritative bodies to vote more for using fossil fuel rather than seeking for alternative and splendid natural energy that offers abundance of energy source from the universe. One of the significant energy you might have noticed is our sun’s solar energy.

And here comes the Little Sun solar powered lamp into the play. The dimension of the Little Sun’s lamp body is about 130mm in diameter, 35mm in depth, with the solar module at the rear panel to be a single cell mono-crystalline module with 60x60mm dimension.


Little Sun is good for recharging an AA 1.2V x 1,200 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery, while the surface mounted LED requires a mere 1 Watt to run.

The flower-shaped solar powered lamp that could be worn, or hang to places easily exposed to sun light and the LittleSun will allow its user to enjoy up to fiver hours of light in the night after expose it for four-hours outdoor for the recharge.

LittleSun itself is developed by Eliasson with a solar entrepreneur Frederik Ottesen, useful for light activities including studying, reading, working or even simple cooking.


The other benefits of LittleSun is on the affordability, which claims to be tenth times more cost effective to a kerosene-fueled lantern as well as offering times more light during the usage, while the rechargeable battery is built with up to three years of usage durability.

Here is one neat quote at Fascodesign: “Replacing kerosene with solar-powered lighting, a key goal of the World Bank’s efforts to improve energy access, improves studying conditions for children, lessens the chance of kerosene fires, reduces spending on kerosene, lowers health risks, and decreases air pollution.”

Furthermore, the potential of Little Sun does not end up as mentioned above, users will be able to recharge their cellphone as well as portable radio that comes with rechargeable batteries as well.

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