Kids always love playing on a tree house, don’t they? Especially if the design is cute and similar to those on bed time stories. Following Log Cabin Tree Lodge is designed with two 12-inches thick redwood poles, while the lodge rests on top of a real hollowed-out 5-feet diameter oak or eucalyptus trunk festooned with a covered porch that protects the lodge’s front door.

This treehouse lodge has a real Douglas fir log exterior and cedar shingle roof, creating realistic and physical feeling of the cartoon sense on to real tree house form. You will also find a replica of oil lanterns and a crooked smokestack, would be a perfect playing base for your kids at your home backyard. The lodge comes with main room, deck and inside the lodge, the six windows are framed in Douglas fir.


Colored using non-toxic paint that withstands exuberant play and harsh weather for years to come, this log cabin tree lodge has a dimension of 17 x 15 x 8-feet (LxWxH), weighing 8,000 lbs. Almost forget to mention, there is also a ladder inside the trunk ascends to a trap door in the lodge’s floor for hiding from unwanted guest or bad guys.

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