Harmony Link is a smart device that capable to transform your iOS or Android base devices into a multi-functional universal remote control. Logitech Harmony Link works with the free Logitech Harmony Link remote control app for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones.

If you have a Logitech Harmony remote before, you probably have noticed the ease of setting up and usage. No need for special case or an external IR adapter in order to use your smartphones or tablet as a touchscreen remote, Logitech’ Harmony Link make things simpler and easier for users.


Available for iOS and even Android devices, Logitech Harmony Link works in conjunction with a free accompanying app. Harmony Link works by connecting to your WiFi network in your home, and of course, you will need to have your tablet or smartphone with WiFi enabled setting in order to transform the touchscreen into universal remote.


Nope, it never says that Harmony Link will be able to control every single devices near your TV set, but instead, consider Harmony Link as a wireless  device that will transform your touchscreen Android or iOS tablets or smartphones into your TV and AVR set remote control. Harmony Link is a bit of battery drainer, but since you could overcome the problem with a set of rechargeable AA’s batteries.



Price: USD99.99

[ Source: Logitech Harmony Link ]