Logitec Harmony remote 900 is a touchscreen remote. Based on radio frequency technology, it enables you to control your home theater devices, or other piece of remote controlled product almost anywhere in your house.


With the redesigned RF system, Logitec Harmony remote 900 is easy to control (you could reach the frequency up to 100 feet away), surely a cabinet and shelf space saver.

Just place the included IR blaster and one or two of the mini blasters (which play as a relay) on the cabinet shelves near the devices you want to control. (Unlike other RF remotes, there’s no need to tape emitters to each of your devices.)


Logitech harmony 900 remote has also beefed up the remote’s display by adding a higher resolution touchscreen, a more sophiticated user interface and four additional programmable buttons for STB/DVR/teletext controls.

Logitech Harmony 900 is expected to be available in US and EU starting this September.

Price: USD399.99

[ Source: Gadget Review ; Logitech ]