Been to Louvre Museum before? Well, Mr. Henri Loyrette, the Director of the Louvre Museum has invited 450 guests from across Europe to celebrate the illumination of the exterior of Louvre using Toshiba’s new LED lighting by switching on of some 350 light fittings out of a total of 3,200 that will eventually replace all the 4,500 high energy xenon lamps.

Louvre is world’s most popular art museum, and soon, the Pyramid, the three pyramidions and the Colbert pavilion of the Louvre that will be decorated with a total of 3,200 led lighting to replace the 4,500 high energy xenon lamps that will light up every evening and night.


Developed and installed with six series and ten models of lighting fixtures, there will also high beam-lamps that will illuminate the palace walls and the Pyramid. Toshiba’s new LED lighting will also be used to light up the remaining facades of the Napoleon Court that will be completed by April next year, and the courtyard will soon follow by the year after.

Toshiba’s energy saving LED lighting will offer cut of the annual power consumption for exterior lighting by 73%, from 392,000 down to 105,000 watt-hour.

[ Source: Far East Gizmo ; Toshiba ]