No more excuses for annual spending of thousands dollars for your fengshui renovation. A creative house design in New South Wales could turn 360 degrees utilizing two small electric engines no larger than a washing machine to power the mechanism.



That is the house of Luke and Debbie Everingham in New South Wales, Australia. Probably they are tired of changing their front door fengshui rotation each year? ;p

And now, enjoy a rotating view right from your living room is possible. Or if you love to watch the outdoor landscape to keep on rotating while you are lying down in your bed.

The first idea was to build a house that could follow the sun, that’s why the house could rotate 360 degrees. The couple spent approx. USD660,000 including a touchscreen panel in the living area along with electrical fittings around which the house can turn to.

This is a great idea, that trigger designers mind to create a moving property.I believe, there will be more surprise in the future such as: rotating apartment, rotating shop, rotating mall, rotating park. The possibilities are endless and future is somehow exciting if global warming is not a threat for our human race!