Changing the color of your room has never been this easy.

A startup company called Luke Roberts came up with a decidedly amaz
ing invention that allows users to change the color of their room anytime they wish, to whatever color they wish it to be.

Smart Lamp with App

Smart Lamp with App

Price: $500

Pre-Order on Indiegogo

Called the Luke Roberts Smart Lamp, this invention from the Vienna-based company projects light onto whatever direction in the room that its user or owner so chooses.

Inside each Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is over 300 of the so-called light-emitting diodes, which renders Philips HUE LED project — a project that closely resembles the Luke Roberts Smart Lamp — pale in comparison, with only a few dozen installed.

According to Smart Lamp co-creators Lukas Pilat and Robert Kopka, the Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is capable of putting out 2,000 lumens of ‘full-color light’ above the device or fixture, and another 3,000 lumens of white-colored ones downward from below the fixture.

This Smart Lamp not only allows its users to project whatever color of light they choose towards whatever direction they wish — it also has the ability to project different colors towards different directions, all at the same time.

These amazing attributes of the Luke Roberts Smart Lamp can be controlled remotely through its companion app, which allows users to choose colors and swipe their fingers across phone screen like a paintbrush to determine the direction of where the colors go.

The features that the Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is equipped with is without a doubt a true component of the future of smart home technology — giving it even more edge when compared to the closest of its competitors: be it the traditional, or the modern alike.

App Screens - Paint Your Light

App Screens – Paint Your Light

This Indiegogo success does not come cheap, however. The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is currently priced at $500, and is available for pre-order at Indiegogo.

While the product was initially expected to ship out March of this year, its Indiegogo page says shipment is now estimated to start June of this year.

Pre-Order on Indiegogo