Lumadot LED Umbrella is a glowing, spotty LED umbrella that will keep users dry while maintain visibility in the dark rainy night. Designed with a flashlight at the end of the umbrella handle, you could also search for keys to your door or garage in the middle of the dark.

led-umbrella-with-flashlight-handleThe spotty LED will give out blue blink, which might give a false impression of glowing raindrops on top of the umbrella surface. Rhythm in the rain? Lumadot LED Umbrella is designed with three light modes of blinking lights, solid lights and off.

led-umbrella-with-flashlightYou might wanna try to walk your girl friend home at night using this Lumadot LED Umbrella, what do you think? 😉

Lumadot LED Umbrealla – Product Features:

  • Futuristic black umbrella glows with fiber optic light dots covering the canopy
  • Keeps you dry while in rain; cannot teleport you to dry locations (yet)
  • Three modes: off, blinking lights, solid lights
  • Light in handle can be turned on/off and illuminates the ground in front of you
  • Geeks will love the LEDs (what geek doesn’t?)
  • Non-geeks will just think it’s a cool umbrella
  • Requires 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 32.5″ long; 41″ opened diameter

Price: USD24.99 [ Interested? Buy LED Umbrella with Flashlight, right here! ]

[ Source: Merchant Page ]