Luna is the name of a personal robot that will help its owner with some minor duties, including ‘monitoring by walking around’ the house. Developed by RoboDynamics, a California base company, Luna’s design was originated from SchultzeWORKS, an industrial design studio that also base in California.

Aimed for telepresence internet-connected low-cost robot market, Luna is prepared to become an affordable type of household robot, one lack on Luna is having no capability to grab thing, since the pipe-like arm has not properly designed for working with fingers function.

Base on report by IEEE Spectrum, Luna comes with 8-megapixel camera, a 3D sensor, 8-inch capacitive touchscreen, up to 32 GB of storage and powered by a Dual Core Atom 2 GHz processor. Luna is operated using a Linux-based application, additionally, you will find a 12-volt battery that could be fully charged after 8 hours, wireless and cellular communication, speaker, three microphone array, cellular communication.


Not much detail on the weight, while for the height, the photo shown above indicate that Luna is a bit taller than average adult. Estimated price is going to be around USD3,000 per unit, which is expected to be ship later this year.

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