Lytro, the light field camera that captures vector direction, color and intensity of all the rays of light and then assembles the data in post-processing. No need for focus on your subject, simply aim at your object and take the shot, the Lytro will literary capture 11 million rays of light, either 8GB or 16GB storage for 350 or 750 pictures, respectively.

Unlike conventional cameras,  that capture a single plane of light, Lytro lets you capture the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every  direction in every point in space. Simply by pressing a single button, it captures literary anything within the frame. This is a unique pocket-size friendly camera in rectangular monocle, Lytro offers 8x optical zoom, f/2 lens, and glass touchscreen are all part of the package.


Once captured, you will be able to easily share from the desktop or from to friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email or posting the pictures to your blog.  The best part is, you will be able to let your friends and family to explore your ‘live’ pictures, allowing users to interact easily without cumbersome software or application.


You could having fun interacting with Lytro, and connect to nearly any mobile devices, including smartphone, web browser or tablet.Not much technical details of Lytro the light field camera being revealed, Lytro is now available in three color options of red hot, graphite, and electric blue.

Prices: USD399 ~ USD499.-

[ Source:  Lytro ]