The Product Innovator of MacBook Wheel, Brian Gillman said the wheel will help transform the way users think about input device and will change how people interact with the technology in the near future.

Despite the prejudice views of loyal keyboard users, if for real people going to adopt the Apple MacBook Wheel as one universal input device, it will definitely become a new challenge for those ‘conventional’ QWERTY keyboard manufacturers to maintain their market position in the computer peripheral arena.

According to the guy that appear to be Apple’s product innovator, Brian Gillman, typing will become a thing of the past, as the MacBook Wheel uses new IntuiType menu that comes with predictive sentence technology that could predict most used word or sentence phrases, making typing even easier than before. Simply scroll the IntuiType Menu and scroll the letter you want to type on the monitor.


A soft push on the centerl of Wheel will allow additional word editing features including capitalization or other characters map. MacBook Wheel is a patent technology by Apple in order to let exclusive MacBook users to type even faster.

MacBook Wheel will come with accompanying software that will alphabetizes all the files stored on the new Mac, presenting new algorithm that will make internal searching faster and easier. It is all done through scrolling the MacBook Wheel to locate a file, and open it with ease.

Above was actually a moke-up funny video by The Onion News Network that posted back in 2009, teasing about the possibility of having a laptop or notebook without keyboard. Will Apple get so crazy changing keyboard with a scrolling wheel?

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