Magic Lantern Firmware Add-On: Exclusive For Canon 550D, 600D And 60D!

by Edward Xu

in Camera Gadgets

Hello there, are you frustrated with the complex setting for brightness level on your DSLR cameras? Or, are you trying to shoot photos or videos to capture scenes whre lights are normally too bright or too dim for your DSLR cameras to capture?

Magic Lantern is a firmware add-on built especially for certain Canon DSLR cameras that is non-destructive while open new extended exposure bracketing, focus stacking, wide range video and audio tools as well as extended long exposure shooting. These features are those Canon chose not to include in the DSLR cameras’ stock software while professional photographers find it useful and interesting to explore.

Magic Lantern firmware is a project by the team with some outstanding programmers to create useful add-on for owners of 550D, 600D and 60D Canon DSLR cameras for experiencing cool new tool to shoot video in HDR, without any obstruction of bright lights or dark shadows during the photos or videos shooting.

To keep things brief about why you should have Magic Lantern firmware add-on on your Canon DSLR cameras, you could roll below video and discover the reason behind…

Let’s roll the video for more info on Magic Lantern’s HDR Video X-MAS teaser…

However, motion in the frame still have a bit of issue, as the two shots still won’t match up quite well, probably due to some algorith problem for the interpolation process. The HDR video feature is exclusively presented for those Canon 550D, 600D and 60D cameras, no further info when it will be available for other series of Canon DSLR cameras as well, we guess Canon is trying to do marketing and technical boost for those three series of DSLRs for the mean time.

Before applying Magic Lantern…


After applying Magic Lantern…


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[ Source: Magic Lantern ]

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