You might have seen many type and model of magnetic carabiner lock. Hence, the innovation made on the Magnetron auto-locking Carabiner by team of engineers at Black Diamond is something different.


Designed with bright colored locking arms on both side of the carabiner, there is a strong magnet attracted to a steel insert for the locking mechanism. Depress both sides to open it, at opened position, the opposing magnets are actually repel each other since they have the same polarity. Simply held the arms open until it closed back to the locked position.


The Magnetron is designed with similar mechanism used to keep mountain climbers securely attached to their safety lines. There are four metalic color options of green, purple, brown and light blue.

Let’s roll the video to see how the magnetic locking mechanism on Magnetron works…

Magnetron Technology: The reinvention of the auto-locking carabiner, coming July 2012 from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

No info about pricing yet, but it should be available at major U.S outdoor stores by now.

[ Source: Black Diamond – Magnetron Auto-Locking Carabiner ]