Following maze game need solid mind power and steady hand. The Maze Racer Game is designed in a steering wheel shape and an addictive maze game on the center of the round shape drive wheel.

A ball-bearing somehow ended up inside the puzzle labyrinth and your job is to help him go through the difficult maze and bring him home. You might thing that it just another child play, but try it for yourself, and you might find it a bit tough after all.


The stressful part is when the clock is ticking and every time you fall into wrong path into the traps, and the valuable seconds are slipping from your hand. There is also sound and music that will create tense atmosphere and racing feeling to the game itself.

There is a little LCD display that will show fastest maze racer time records and every millisecond will count if you don’t want to pay for a large pizza for losing the race.

The dimension of 257 x 195 x 70mm (WxHxD), the Maze Racer Game requires 2x AA batteries to run, inside the maze, you will find six different danger zones, now go and solve the challenging game and beat your own record.

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