Streamium MCi298 is a wireless micro Hi-Fi system introduced by Philips. The MCi298 comes with slot-loading CD player , WiFi 802.11b/g, ethernet connectivity, FM radio tuner and a remote control.

Philips-Streamium-MCi298-Wireless-Micro-Hi-Fi-System-frontPhilips Streamium MCi298 wireless micro Hi-Fi system is an all-rounded audio system for your home. No matter you have a PC or Macintosh, you could use MCi298 to stream music from both type of computers that are connected in the same local network.

Philips-Streamium-MCi298-Wireless-Micro-Hi-Fi-System-1You will also find 2x10W stereo speakers, USB port and touchscreen display for ease of navigation, playback and volume control. Recognized media formats including MP3, WMA and AAC audio files. Playback media including CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3/WMA CD.

Price: GBP189.99

[ Source: iTechNews ; Philips ]