Powerful Gauntlets are damn impressive at company meetings, especially when you slam your fist on the conference table to emphasis your new budget proposal!  Hahaha… that is a joke, you would probably be taken away by office securities if you do so in the meeting room. 🙂




But in the medieval period, gauntlets were something made for the purpose of fighting or as war field accessories, basically to protect your hands and arms against all short of sharp object such as swords, knife or even arrows. But soon after the medieval period, folks pretty much gave up on gauntlets as they were impractical and it was a heavy accessories.

However, ThinkGeek try to brought back the gauntlets in a more fashionable manner.  It still made of fine plate mail steel and it is hand crafted from steel and feature a mirror chrome zinc alloy finish. Only this time, it could play the role as an extra protection tool for your works.

Price: USD59.99 [ Get it, right here! ]