Micro Monster is a miniature monster truck that is designed with a powerful ATDI GS – 100 Turbojet engine, one from six ever built, where 3 of the Turbojet engines had gone to NASA to test Hypersonic flight models.

Owner as well as designer of the Micro Monster, Dieter Sturm has teamed up with Jeff Seymour from Jet Tech to put up the Jet engine on the little beast for the World’s Smallest Jet Powered MONSTER TRUCK project.


The Micro Monster’s advance gas turbine jet engine is a mere 60 pounds in weight, capable to tops out at 80,000 RPM and idels at 40,000 RPM. Backed by a 100 pounds of thrust and a boost up to 160 lbs of thrust when the afterburner is ignited, ATDI GS Turbojet engine is installed using special mount to the frame.



Jeff Seymour And Dieter Sturm 

Definitely not suggested for inexperience drivers or kids that know nothing about dangerous speed driving, the cool Micro Monster truck can electrically pivot from a horizontal position of output to a complete vertical position. On the other hand, the smoke system is built modeling those used by aerobatic aircraft to give users the idea of how powerful this little monster could be!

Beware, as it might gets a bit smokey on the lap…:D



Need for extra Speed? You could ask Sturm about his little Micro Monster!

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[ Source: Micro Monster – Dieter Sturm ; Jet Machine Extreme – Jeff Seymour ]